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Mary MacDougall


The third Mary MacDougall mystery…

Mary MacDougall’s first case of 1902 seems simple enough.

Just before the 19-year-old heiress leaves for a summer holiday on Mackinac Island with her Aunt Christena, she’s hired to stop in a little town along the way and make inquiries. Did Agnes Olcott really die there of cholera? Or were there darker doings in Dillmont? Mary’s mentor, Detective Sauer, thinks it’s merely a case of bad luck for the dead woman. But Mrs. Olcott’s daughter suspects her detested stepfather played a hand in her mother’s untimely death.

With the reluctant help of her aunt and her dear friend Edmond Roy, the young detective struggles to reveal the true fate of Agnes Olcott. As she digs ever deeper, the enemy Mary provokes could spell disaster for her and the people she loves. But in the end, it’s the only way to banish a daughter’s doubt.

Don’t miss Mary MacDougall’s toughest case yet—and her first novel-length mystery adventure.

“I  really don’t want to give anything away but if you like historical mysteries, you will love this story. No motor cars, no cell phones, just horse, buggies, trains, and the brains God gave her Mary does everything she can to expel ‘A Daughter’s Doubt’ and it was a perfect escape for me!” — Escape with Dollycas

“In the spirit of Nancy Drew and the Corner House Girls… Likable Mary is a bright, inquisitive young woman, although she’s sometimes too headstrong. It’s an old-fashioned series in the best sense of the word. Audry captures the turn-of-the-century period perfectly, when young women like Mary were trying to burst out of Victorian expectations to become their own person.” —Mary Ann Grossmann, St. Paul Pioneer Press

“I love great historical fiction and this book delivers. From the descriptions of the tableaux vivants in the beginning of the book to details of travel, dress, and healthcare, this book is written with a deep understanding of the time period that pulls the reader in. You can feel and commiserate with Mary and her confusion of how she fits into her society, when what she wants seems to be at odds.” — I Read What You Write Blog

“This historical cozy mystery was an enjoyable read that I didn’t want to put down until Mary found out ‘whodunit’… This is a series I want to continue reading, and I hope we have many more Mary MacDougall mysteries to look forward to.” —Brooke Blogs

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The second Mary MacDougall mystery novella…

For neophyte sleuth Mary MacDougall, the holiday season is a flurry of activities—including the 1901 Gala Christmas Musicale, starring opera diva Josie Borrell. But when the celebrated sapphire that Josie wears for her performance goes missing, Mary is drawn into the hunt for the purloined gem.

Did a master thief swoop into town to nick the Star of the North? Was it the lovelorn maid? The manager with money troubles? The foul-tempered chef? The pianist with the scandalous past? Or was it the famous singer herself?

In the middle of all this tumult Mary has to cope with the unexpected appearance of the only man who has ever aroused her longing—and the lovely woman who seems to have captivated him.

As she unpeels the layers of deceit and duplicity behind the Star’s disappearance, Mary juggles affairs of the head and of the heart, driving her practically mad. In the end, the matter of the stolen Star comes down to the simplest of clues. While the matter of the man she loves couldn’t possibly be more complex.

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PrettyLittlePlot_cover_small vers

The first Mary MacDougall mystery novella…

For 18-year-old Mary MacDougall, the highlight of her 1901 summer vacation is the painting class taught by the darkly handsome Edmond Roy. But when Mr. Roy is accused of kidnapping two of his own pupils, it falls to Mary to dig up the truth.

Is Mr. Roy merely an innocent painter of landscapes and still lifes? Or a devilishly clever criminal? Should Mary defend him? Or fear him?

As she feels her way through her very first investigation, Mary not only learns the hidden facts of the case. She discovers the real secrets are those that she finds deep in her own heart. The imperious young heiress is not as immune to feelings of attraction as she thought. Mr. Roy has awakened a longing within her.

Will Mary MacDougall help to exonerate the man? Or condemn him to years in prison?

“The author paints a grand little mystery with his words. He brings history to life with a fresh voice.” —Escape with Dollycas

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“Being short novellas does not take anything away from either of these stories… Mary is a character I want to get to know better and one I will remember for a long time.” —Escape with Dollycas