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The Return of Midnight Louie

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Just a heads up for folks who enjoy a lively, funny animal mystery–like The Karma of King Harald.

My good friend Carole Nelson Douglas is one of the major novelists in the genre, with her nonpareil, Damon Runyanesque feline sleuth, Midnight Louie. Trust me, there’s no critter in crime fiction quite so funny and irresistable as Louie. Even Harald is jealous of him. Here’s what Louie’s new adventure is all about:

“In Cat in a Yellow Spotlight, Louie’s roommate, petite powerhouse PR freelancer Temple Barr, oversees the volatile Las Vegas Strip reunion of a groundbreaking, multi-ethnic rock band, Black & White. Thirty years earlier, tabloids went wild over the shocking disappearance of its two singing divas and flamboyant manager. The women made comebacks, but manager Cale Watson was never seen again. Now, drug trips and murder stalk the rehearsing band members. Temple moves into the celebrity suites to uncover the sabotage, while Louie and the Vegas Cat Pack sniff out clues like mere dogs. Elsewhere, vengeful former IRA terrorist Kathleen O’Connor forces Temple’s ex, magician Max Kinsella, into a shocking decision. Deadly encounters and unexpected reunions bring all the main characters unforeseen loss and disclosure, the suspense leavened by Douglas’s characteristic wit and heart.”

Louie’s 26th adventure is out as e-book and paperback on August 26th. Don’t miss it!


Author: drmar120

D. R. Martin is a writer and photographer based in Minnesota.

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