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Mary MacDougall Now Out in Paperback



Up until now my two Mary MacDougall mystery novellas were only available as e-books, leaving out folks who are not fond of e-book readers. (Sue and I were at a party recently and just about everyone we encountered had nothing good to say about Kindles and Nooks.) Well, now readers who prefer their books not on an LCD screen can read the two historical mysteries on good old-fashioned paper. At the moment, the nearly 300-page paperback is only available on Amazon. Click here for a look. But in coming weeks it will become available at Barnes & Noble and any other book retailer who sells print-on-demand books.



Author: drmar120

D. R. Martin is a writer and photographer based in Minnesota.

2 thoughts on “Mary MacDougall Now Out in Paperback

  1. “A Pretty Little Plot” was great! I need to turn upside down and read the other. It’s trite, I know, I admit but too many books, too little time. And just my humble opinion but “Smoking Ruin” should have a prominent place on your bookshelf…it has on mine! I loved that book, LOVED it as you know. What a gem.

    • Cathy, I’m so glad you liked the first Mary. I hope you like The Stolen Star as much as Plot. I’ve started the third Mary, The Widower’s Wrath–much danger and intrigue on the way to Mackinac and back. And I hope that some day enough readers discover Ruin, so I can justify writing a couple of sequels. I love Marta, too.

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