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Now take your medicine like a good tree.

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My wife and I have lived in our Minneapolis bungalow longer than we care to admit. And one of the great privileges we have enjoyed all these years is the shade afforded us by a very large elm tree in our backyard. Its trunk at the base is about 14 feet in circumference and we estimate it’s at least 70 years old. But with such privileges comes great responsibility. We don’t own the tree. We are its stewards. Because we don’t want to lose it, we have it inoculated against the deadly Dutch elm fungus every three years.

And today was the day our elm took its medicine. Two big barrels full of the anti-fungal agent were pumped into the tree’s roots over the course of about three hours. It’s important that this magnificent tree stays alive and thrives, so future owners of our little bungalow can enjoy its wonderful shade as much as we have.



Author: drmar120

D. R. Martin is a writer and photographer based in Minnesota.

One thought on “Now take your medicine like a good tree.

  1. Hi D. R. What a lovely tree and so glad that you and the Mrs. are going out of your way to protect it against those pesky varmints.

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