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Visit Scenic Tatooine! — The Star Wars Prints of Steve Thomas

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We saw the new Star Wars film on Christmas day and enjoyed the heck out of it. Lots of beloved old characters and themes, but many new ones to carry the franchise forward. We especially liked Rey, the desert scrounger—a fearless female action hero. Though one wonders where a rough-and-tough desert scrounger dealing in machinery debris gets her nice eye makeup and manicures.

Steve Thomas, the talented artist/designer who has done most of my book covers, also does a series of limited edition giclee prints of 1930s-style travel posters for destinations in that galaxy of a long time ago and far, far away.


He’s made over two dozen of these prints—officially licensed by the Star Wars people. And they’re highly esteemed by Star Wars collectors. Most of the limited edition prints are sold out. Several newer ones are still available. But sold out or not, you can still enjoy seeing them at Steve’s website. T-shirts are also available.



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D. R. Martin is a writer and photographer based in Minnesota.

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