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Record Store Day at Hymie’s

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Today is Record Store Day and I thought I would hike up to Lake Street in Minneapolis to check out the celebrations at the leading vinyl emporium, Hymie’s, in my neighborhood. Musically speaking, it is hipster central in these parts.

There were hundreds of folks up there listening to music acts. The blues duo you see is Crankshaft. And there were hundreds of free LPs given away. As I write this, I expect those fine Lawrence Welk sets seen below are still waiting for that special someone. Is it you?

The second photo down shows old album covers repurposed as notebook covers. Only $15 each.

You may wonder: Am I into vinyl? Sorry, no. I had thousands of albums at one point, but am now down to about 50 LPs. I like CDs just fine. I know this dates me, but what can you do?

Hymie 3

Hymie 1


Hymie 4

Hymie 5




Author: drmar120

D. R. Martin is a writer and photographer based in Minnesota.

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