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Third & Last Johnny Graphic Under Way

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It’s been three years since I published the second Johnny Graphic novel. And I’ve been thinking about the third and final tale on and off since then. Well, one can brainstorm and outline only so much. Which is why, a couple of weeks ago, I started writing the thing. The working title—which may become the actual title—is Johnny Graphic and the Last Ghost.

You’ll recall that Johnny and his friends had just helped vanquish the zombie threat in the Royal Kingdom. Now it’s off to Okkatek Island to search for the dark mage Morbrec, who taught Percy Rathbone his evil tricks. Johnny, though, has other plans—plans that get him into big trouble.

Though the Johnny Graphic books are classified as “Middle Grade,” I’ve had lots of very positive reviews from grown-up readers, too. One of them even said that I did for ghosts what Isaac Asimov did for robots. That’s high praise indeed. (Pats himself on the back.)


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D. R. Martin is a writer and photographer based in Minnesota.

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