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Final Johnny Graphic Adventure…Coming Soon

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It’s been fourteen years since I started writing the Johnny Graphic Adventures. Book One came out in 2012 and Book Two the following year. Now I’m about to wrap up Book Three, Johnny Graphic and the Ghost of Doom. To celebrate finishing the trilogy, I’m relaunching the series with new cover designs and—for the first two novels—some tweaks and improvements in the texts.

I’m especially psyched by the new cover style, which carries through all three books. My longtime designer Steve Thomas has done a terrific job of conveying the 1930s look and feel of the tales, while doing justice to Johnny and Nina’s rip-roaring exploits. The two twelve-year-old protagonists appear on each cover, along with their favorite ghost, Colonel MacFarlane. The artwork for each book includes unique elements from that story—mushroom cloud, zombies, flying boat, volcano, dog sled. I love the period-style typeface and the exuberance of the colors.





Author: drmar120

D. R. Martin is a writer and photographer based in Minnesota.

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